Flamingo caffè

A lightning fast project, an ambitious request from a client: the total renovation of a medium-large bar in just two and a half months and without closing a single day, in the middle of the 2020 pandemic crisis, a stimulating opportunity, a real challenge; this is what the Flamingo Caffè bar project in Gallicano, Lucca represented for us.

The client’s request was for a spatial reorganisation of the entire premises, with a “change of atmosphere” that would be evocative of the renewed spirit of the Flamingo Caffè: alongside the traditional bar/cafeteria during the day, in fact, the venue has discovered a further vocation: that of transforming itself, in the evening, into a musical and fashionable cocktail bar.

From the beginning, therefore, the objective was to give a strong character to the new bar, embellishing it by sight and touch and looking for a type of design that would be both welcoming and relaxing during the day and sophisticated and modern in the evening. The choice fell on a classic modern style, with ample use of the colour of brass and warm tones, contrasted by the materiality of the dark stone with grey veins. In the main room, a long leather bench runs around the entire perimeter of the curved wall, “embracing” the room and balancing the presence of the counter on the opposite side. The central pillars have been incorporated into the design and their presence has been emphasised by wallpaper with the same design but in a darker shade than that used for the wall covering.

From a distribution point of view, the premises were completely renovated by moving the warehouse and customer toilets, previously located on the ground floor, to the basement. The space recovered allowed the main bar room to be enlarged, and its organisation was completely changed by moving the main entrance. A new room was also created, which, in addition to the main room and another already existing one, contributed to increasing the space allocated to customers almost twice as much as the previous one.


Gallicano, Lucca. Italia


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