Cottage type C

Inspired by the typical architecture of the region, cottage type C, designed by Oficina Urbana. The focus was to make a house for a family with a modern and efficient design, surrounded by a large garden, near the Visona river. The house has the advantage of being located in an isolated and quiet place that allows to maximize natural light and landscape vision. The outdoor area is a generous space that invites to relax and to enjoy the outdoors, the winter garden allows residents not only to reduce the energy required for the comfort, but also the benefits of a common space, overlooking the garden and the pool. The exterior skin is simple, without decorations, the white color of the walls contrasts with the color of the wood of the doors and windows and with the natural landscape around it. The interior presents pieces chosen for their style and minimalism, with materials such as wood, concrete and natural stone. Particular attention was paid to sustainability during the design project: the orientation of the house allows having more than 70% of the glazed surfaces facing south. The natural materials of the walls (straw) offer an exclusive thermal insulation, and allow to reduce the energy required and provide optimal thermal-hygrometric comfort. The structure of the house is made of wood. The additional electricity is obtained from photovoltaic panels on the roof and the excess energy can be returned to the general network.


Capannori, Lucca (Italia)


Oficina urbana arquitectura






arquitectura, contemporary house, modern, viviendas