Sport complex “La spiaggia di Sesto”

“La spiaggia di Sesto” is a project for a sports complex designed by Our arquitectura in collaboration with arch. Giovanni Carignani and arch. Maria Nieddu.

Located in the countrysude of Capannori (Italy), near the ancient city of Lucca and in a fantastic natural scenery, the new sport center project was elaborated to blend harmoniously with its natural surrounding, inspirated by the traditional architecture and the natural landscape of the region.
The aim of this project is to provide the area of new plublic services, encouraging sport activities as a way to promote the social integration of the inhabitants in the area, especially young people.

The volum of the new sport center takes place near the Visona river with a spectacular view of the “Castelvecchio di Compito”; as the complex is located in a protected landscape area, the volum is partially underground to reduce the vision impact on the area and the outdoor facilities are placed at different levels.

The shape of the new volum is optimized to connect the different outdoor levels with the interior spaces and to maximize the natural light inside the building in order to reduce the need for energy and to control the humidity.

The outdoor areas supports programs for swimming with two pools, mini golf and free gym areas. The Visona river is equipped with a relax area; a kind of fluvial beach.

Near the outdoor swimming pools there is a bar, a restaurant and a large terrace with panoramic views of the castle, designed for special events.

Inside the main space is located the regulatory olympic pool with views to the castle “Castelvecchio di Compito”.
Around the main hall and with views to the pool, is located the gym and the wellness center, as well as the three multi-purpose rooms for cardiovascular activities, pilates and many more. On the rooftop there are padel tracks and a free gym area. The large ramp at the main entrance connects this with the exterior level and the commercial area that provides natural light to the underground level where the changing rooms are located. All the facilities have independent access and can be used separately
The sport complex “La Spiaggia di Sesto”, designed for a lasting use, will stablish a new standard for adaptability and social integration and will offer a new complex in Capannori to promote sports and wellness among its residents.


Capannori (Italy)


Our arquitectura in collaboration with arch. Giovanni Carignani and arch. Maria Nieddu.






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