Blesa 26

The house of Enrichetta, Marc and Eva; a renovation project of a flat in the Poblesec district in Barcelona.
A penthouse with a magnificent panoramic view of the whole city.

The first sources of inspiration for the conversion of this flat were the Poblesec neighbourhood with its mixture of cultures, colours and styles and the great personality of its new inhabitants: a young couple and their daughter, born right in the middle of the renovation work.

The owners, who work in the artistic and cultural sector, left us a lot of creative freedom. Their main requirement was to have a comfortable flat as quickly as possible, where they could live and work in total comfort, with large terraces where they could enjoy the view of the city and its temperate climate, without having to sacrifice interior living space (which is very common in flats with terraces in large cities like Barcelona).

The result of the renovation is a modern, fun and cosy flat with a strong industrial style where the personality of the house blends perfectly with the personality of its owners.

The small initial size of the flat forced us to radically modify the internal spatial distribution; no room remained in the position it was in before the reform work. The objective of designing functional, bright and liveable spaces was thus achieved. Only the bathroom remained in its original position for technical reasons, but the remodelling of the interior space allowed us to transform a sacrificed room into a fun and functional space.

The proposed interior design, an industrial style, made it possible to integrate the technical requirements with the need to stylistically integrate the penthouse with the surrounding urban environment, and with the need to keep the initial budget under control and not generate additional expenditure during execution.

Photography by Vick Fichtner






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